The Cafe

We are proud to be Texas' first and only Fancy Marshmallow cafe'. Here are a few of our best selling treats we are sure you will enjoy! Stay tuned on our socials to be notified when our official cafe grand opening will happen.

  • Fluffy Churros

    Can we be a Texan company without churros?! Baked fresh every morning and tossed in a cinnamon sugar mix. These bite size delectables also include our fancy fluff for dipping. YUM.

  • S'mores Iced Coffee

    A must have with every visit. Brewed fresh per order, and made with our fancy fluff, toasted then topped with graham crumble, and of course, Hershey's chocolate.

  • S'more Oat Fudge Bar

    Our delicious take on a campfire classic, this decadent treat will not disappoint! Oatmeal cookie base, fudge middle, warmed and topped with generous dollop of fancy fluff.

  • Toasted S'more Fancy Fluff

    Our best selling flavor by far! Our Toasted S'more fancy fluff is a smooth marshmallow creme. With each layer toasted and topped with crushed graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate.

  • Mini Fluff Oatmeal Cookies

    A set of six mini homemade oatmeal cookies filled with out vanilla fancy fluff creme. Want a cool treat? Try these frozen for a mini marshmallow ice cream sandwich.

  • Whoopie Cookie

    This is a two hander! Two large oatmeal cookies sandwiched over a vanilla marshmallow and chocolate drizzle. Eat on the spot or for extra decadence, try it toasted.

This weeks Share Box flavors

New Share Boxes are released weekly. Have an allergy concern? Check out our FAQ section for most common asked allergen questions.

  • Chocolate, eh!

    New! A delicious assortment of Canadian Candy Bars not available in Texas. This box Iis a one time only deal and available for a limited time only!

  • Half & Half

    Lemon Lime, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberries + Cream, Chocolate Coconut, Cherry Lemonade, Mint Chocolate

  • Berry Chocolate

    Berry Chocolate Cherry Chip, Strawberry Champagne, Chocolate Raspberry, Brownie Cookie, White Chocolate, Strawberry Coconut