The Fancy Marshmallow Co.

Cafe Menu

The Drink Menu

Hot or Iced




S'mores Iced Coffee

Iced Whipped Chocolate


Italian Soda

Blood Orange / Vanilla Violet / Orange / Lemon / Orange Cream

The Marshmallow Bar

12pc Share Boxes

- available in several flavors

Fancy Fluff Marshmallow Creme Pint

- available in several flavors

Marshmallow Parfait

- flavors change daily

Whoopie Cookie

Fluff Cones

Fluffy Churros*

S'more Oat Fudge Bar*

Fancy Flakies*

*Items available on Friday and Saturdays only

We add flavors daily. For a full selection of our menu or pricing, please come into the store for details.